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Your solution with FatShe Packers and Movers in Mumbai online directory offers high quality service providers for local and across Indian transportation. Job or home relocation is surely a frustrating and stressful time for everyone. The major cause of stress is to relocate your heavy assets with you. If you own lots of furniture, vehicles, and electronic appliances, you cannot easily move them on your own. You will need someone expert for this which is good in handling these type of works. There are lots of options in front of you for various packers and movers if you are staying in Mumbai. You will find different companies providing their packers and movers services in this big city. You can easily hire them but you should find the best one for this crucial work. FatShe packers and movers in Mumbai are one of the highly recognized firms providing these services on the most affordable prices. Some of the highlights of our services are as follows.

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Why choose FatShe packers and movers in Mumbai?

We have a dedicated team of experts to gather information about the total amount of assets. After fully understanding your requirements, we are able to give you the most efficient packing and moving services in Mumbai city. Some of our service specifications are as follows.


Worldwide Reach

Our packers and movers services have a worldwide reach. By using various transportation mediums like planes, ships, and carrier trucks, we can transport any amount of things to any place in the world. We have a connection in different parts of our country and other countries too. We are aware of every rule and regulation which are applied while carrying the things from outside the country.

Safety First

We always give our preference to the safety and security of your belongings. We use a special type of packaging materials along with good transport vehicles to ensure the safe delivery of your assets. We have a dedicated team to decide the degree of safe packaging along with certain additional adjustments to the packing according to the material. We have different high-quality packaging systems and materials to pack the things made with plastic or glass.

Vehicle Transportation

We are able to transport your vehicles like cars and bikes easily to the desired places. We have a special department to handle all the projects related to vehicle movements. With our great degree of perfection, we have done all our previous works with perfection. We have collected lots of appreciations from our clients whenever we did any work for them. Even after getting lots of recognition in the industry, we are regularly upgrading our service to achieve the highest levels of perfectionism. We always understand your needs and plan everything according to it. Our packers and movers services are highly dedicated to great work quality and efficiency. If you choose us for your work, we will make sure to deliver your assets to the desired place in a very less amount of time. Also, our support team is ready to support you with any type of queries. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Client reviews FatShe™ Packers and Movers in Mumbai

Client Review 1:

I recently moved from Mumbai to Delhi. I was very much worried about the thing that how would I move my furniture and bike to a new place. I was literally not having any idea about what should I do to move my belongings easily to Delhi. I had already bought a new home in Delhi but this challenge was continuously stressing me. Then, I search for packers and movers firms on the internet. I found the FatShe packers and movers there and contact them as soon as open their website. They assisted me with the best suggestions and also the staff members come to my place to gather information about the things. I was amazed that they packed everything with their excellent staff very quickly and everything was delivered to Delhi in less than two days. I appreciate the company for their excellent work and I will also suggest this firm to everyone who is looking for the most affordable and efficient packer and movers in Mumbai.

Client Review 2:

I rarely post reviews anywhere but this company made me do it. I am running my own business in Pune. Previously, the office was situated in Mumbai from where I had to shift it due to some reasons. With a huge number of chairs, pc, table, and other office accessories, it was difficult for me to move everything to a new place. I was discussing this thing with my employees. Then one of my employees suggests me to contact FatShe packers and movers. I contacted them on the phone. I was amazed by the services that they picked up and packed everything in a very fine way and transport it to my new office in a very little time. Also, the prices were very low if we look at their premium services. I wish good luck to the whole company for their future projects.

Client Review 3:

I contacted FatShe packers and movers to move my home assets from Mumbai to Chennai. I was quite happy with all the assistance and the wonderful support given by the company. I contacted many other packers and movers firms but the prices of this company are very less as compare to others.

Client Review 4:

I am working in an import/export firm and I have to change my residence locations from time to time. I handed my packing and moving works to different firms whenever I moved to a new place. Between all the firms from the whole country, I found FatShe the most helpful and affordable services for your packing and moving works. They charge me very less than from what others were charging me earlier. I am fully satisfied with their services.

Client Review 5:

I shifted my house with my family to Gujarat in the last week. Because we had lots of electronic and glass items in our house, it was tough for me to give this work to someone. When I contacted FatShe packers and movers regarding this work, they fully assure me that nothing will happen to your assets as they are highly experienced in this field. We had a deal and now I feel that was the best decision done by me. They packed all the assets with different materials in a way that there was no single scratch on the items when they reached Gujarat.

Client Review 6:

I had to shift my car from Mumbai to Thiruvananthapuram. Firstly I was thinking to drive it to by myself but I skip the plan due to a huge distance between both places. I was worrying to give my expensive car to someone for moving it. But somehow I managed to do it. When I contacted the FatShe packers and movers, they told me not to worry about the car. They came to my house and take the car for its packing and gave me some documents regarding the confirmation of the deal. But, I was very happy with their decent services. My car was fully safe and there were no damages to it. I think this is the best company to give your precious assets for their shifting.

Client Review 7:

Recently, I did a complete relocation deal with this company for my household items. The items were to be moved from Pune to Noida. They assisted me with their professional support and tell me their whole procedure of transportation. I was satisfied with their services when they packed everything with the best materials and with great professionalism. I was worried about some fragile items but no breakage was there in anything during the delivery of the items. I was really impressed with their services and will do other deals in the future it gets a chance.

Client Review 8:

I was searching for moving my household goods from Agra to Mumbai. After searing a lot, I found the FatShe packers and movers and we had a deal for everything I had to move. I was amazed by their service quality and great packing efforts. They securely moved all the household items along with my two-wheeler without any damage. They loaded and unloaded everything very genuinely and there were no major damages to any of my item. I would like to give my huge appreciations and best wishes for their future.

Client review 9:

I would like to praise the sincere efforts of FatShe packers and movers for my bike transportation. They transported it with full care from Mumbai to Patna. They packed it carefully and transported through good carrier vehicles. My bike faces no damage to its any part. I choose this company after doing lots of comparisons between many firms. In terms of time, efficiency and work quality, this company should be hired if you want to transport any kind of things to new places.

Client Review 10:

The company has a very supportive and friendly staff. They did my whole house packing and moving is very less time. I was worried about this long distance move which was from Pune to Kerala. But, the firms showed its perfection and by using their good quality transport system, they moved everything very carefully. I would like to give this company five out of five stars for their genuine efforts and professional approach towards the work.

Client Review 11:

I was confused about the selection of a good company for my office relocation work but this company made everything easy for me. I was planning to do the packing and transportation separately by using different services. Then I came to know about FatShe packers and movers. They did a versatile job of packing, loading, transportation, and unloading of my assets in very less time. They managed to move everything in one day.

Client Review 12:

This company uses highly durable and tough packaging material to ensure the safety of our assets. I would like to appreciate the continuous and honest efforts done by the officers and workers while packaging and movement of my bike. They did it very accurately and pack the bike in a way that there was no chance for damage to the bike. My bike was transported through the carrier truck with some other vehicles. But, they did everything very carefully and safely delivered my bike to the desired location.

Client Review 13:

I have never seen any company like this one, They are perfect in their works of packing and moving things. The company has a dedicated team for understanding the needs of the clients brief. I had to move my furniture to my residence in Uttar Pradesh Kanpur. Some items were fully made of glass. But I was flabbergasted to see their wonderful packing technique by which they ensured the safe delivery of my furniture. I am going to have another deal with this firm in the next month for moving my car to my hometown.

Client Review 14:

Packers and movers is an expensive industry but this company charges very fewer amounts for huge projects. I have done many deals with this company. They have successfully moved my different items to many locations. I was never disappointed with their services. If you are looking for packers and movers services then consider this company. You will never regret your decision.

Client Review 15:

After searching a lot for professional packers and movers for the crockery items, I found this company suitable for my work. The wonderful support services along with multitalented packaging and loading staff make this company the best option for your transportation works. The way they moved my crockery items from Mumbai to Kolkata, I was amazed by the outputs. They made my work easy. I was finding a good firm for this work for a long time but no one was accepting my deals. FatShe packers and movers are best for packing and moving any type of big or small items.

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